FRINGEWORLD: Underground (3 stars)

Review by Elli Gemmo

On a really hot night in Perth, the atmosphere of a cool underground club “The Cellar Bar” has been created on stage by the cast and crew of the show Underground.

You will be introduced to Rhizzy, a shinily dressed jazz-blues singer who is about to perform once again after ten years – in this underground bar. Rhizzy has a beautiful voice, performed live, that will enchant her real and imaginary public. Sadly though, the place where Rhizzy and her friend Max have been performing for so long is about to be closed down and dismantled.

Lives and friendships of this small group of people including Rhizzy, Max, Esther the manager and Zak the owner, have been changed and formed around the Cellar Bar. Its closure is going to crack their normal lives and habits wide open – letting some of the things that were buried behind curtains of silence to come up and be faced.

Underground is a play about everyone who has ever had a painful secret to hide. Rhizzy belongs to the night as her secrets do too and a metaphorical as well as physical sunshine is going to unveil a spot of darkness right in front of us. Underground is an enjoyable story with a considerable metaphorical background. Dixie Johnstone‘s vocal performance featuring original songs is one of the gems of this show.

If you are craving a night of theatre and good live music, don’t miss Underground.

When: 16 – 20 February 2016 (6pm)

Where: The Blue Room Theatre, Studio. Cultural Centre, PERTH

Tickets: $22 – $25

Info: Duration 60 minutes, Suitable 15+


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