#DearDiary (4 1/2 out of 5 stars)

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Image courtesy of Opencage Photography

I always expect a highly engaging show at The Butterfly Club in Melbourne’s CBD and >#DearDiary definitely lived up to expectation. The first solo show of International actor, and big kid at heart- Andi Snelling, which sold out Adelaide Fringe Festival, entertained a packed house yesterday night- with an enormous, vibrating applause upon ending.

The show- which is entirely verbatim (except for a short improvised section) recounts the diary entries Andi made from age 9-33, with hashtags added. An hour was not enough to ride the roller coaster of emotions with Andi, and watch her express things we have all thought or felt in a private sphere at one point or another.

Andi as a performer is right there in that special pocket- the kind of artist that brings her whole self- past and present to boldly leave nothing unexpressed, and effect the audience with every comic line, wistful movement or tear jerking story. There isn’t a second you won’t be captivated or charmed by Andi and her unique way of storytelling- which includes song, hilarious facial expressions and entrancing physical embodiment of emotion.

The show is relatable for everyone, you will reminisce about your past, the things you might have written in your diary, but never said out loud. Go on the journey and discover how universal human emotions are, when you hear the private in public.

When: 1st-5th June, 7pm

Where: The Butterfly Club (Carson Pl, off Little Collins)

Tickets: $26-$32 

Information: Butterfly Club members get $1 off all drinks, regular offers of discounted (or free) tickets, access to members-only events and a pretty card that fits right in your wallet.

Links: http://www.andisnelling.com/deardiary/