Understanding Women: 9 pieces to our puzzling minds

I am a woman and sometimes, I don’t even understand my own behaviour. I can’t even begin to imagine how men feel! When we’re mad, we refuse to tell you why. When we’re upset, we don’t let you see us cry. When we’re asking if our butt looks big, we expect you not to lie.

Just in case you’ve been trying to find ways to de-code our little puzzled minds, I’m here to help you understand what we actually mean by the actions we make, and the words we speak! Get ready to take some notes; this is an intuitive insight into the female mind!


Image attribution - Pixabay:geralt
            Image attribution – Pixabay:geralt


1. “This outfit makes me look fat!”
Men need to understand that we women tend to compare ourselves with other women, and a lot of us feel insecure with appearance. When we put ourselves down, we aren’t looking for compliments or sympathy. We are just seeking reassurance that we are beautiful. If we say something like this, all you need to do is give us a cuddle and reassure us, that you love us the way we are.

2. “She is such a b*#ch!”
WARNING! We can lose a best friend within 24 hours, but have her back just as fast. We are very sensitive and hormonal at times. Sometimes fall out with our best friends. This is normal on the odd occasion, it’s just us. When this happens, we will come to you for advice. All you need to tell us is that it’s going to be okay, and things will sort themselves out soon.

3. “Fine, go! No waitcome back.”
We can tell you to get out one minute, and beg you to stay the next. Do us a favour and just come back and say you’re sorry, we will say we’re sorry too and we can make up. Whether we were in the wrong first or not, sometimes we’re stubborn so be the bigger man and say sorry first. Trust me, 99% of the time it works.

4. “Not tonight, I’m too tired…”
No, we really are tired. Some nights we just can’t be bothered and that’s all you need to understand.

5. “I’m hungry!” “What do you want?” “I don’t know.”
It’s normal okay? We love food! But sometimes we just don’t know what we want, all we know is that we want food and we want food now. Just keep suggesting things, we will make up our minds eventually. 😉

6. Why do we question your involvement with other girls?
We feel threatened, we need reassurance, we feel jealous, we feel insecure – the list goes on! All you need to do is remind us you love us, and that your heart is ours forever. You probably tell us this all the time, but for the sake of avoiding an argument, please just say it again.

7. We are crying, but say we’re fine.
Okay, there could be two reasons for this. The first, being that we don’t want to talk about it at that moment because it’ll make us cry even more. And the second, is probably because we don’t feel like you’d understand. All you need to do here is ask if we need anything, give us a cuddle and say, ‘Please come talk to me about it when you’re ready. I’m always here.’

8. We overthink.
Yes, we overthink some things…okay, we overthink everything. There is never just one thought on our minds and I don’t know why, there just isn’t. This is why we make such great multi-taskers. Sorry guys, but this is just the way we are. All you need to do is always be honest, so that way, when we do overthink, we won’t be putting lies in the mix to make your actions even more questionable.

9. Mood swings.
Why? Periods. On average, once a month we experience an imbalance of hormones which can cause cravings, headaches, nausea, period pain and much more. We really don’t mean to be hormonal, just know that it’s normal for us to go through erratic mood swings at this time, and we are sorry.


So there you have it; nine pieces to our puzzling minds. When you’re able to see what’s going on behind the surface, everything does make sense. Sometimes we are moody, and we change our minds a lot, but we are also human. We feel, we breathe and we love – just like men. See? We aren’t that confusing after all.

Image attribution – Pixabay:lambhappiness