Alone in a Crowd: Sunshine

Lights out, four silhouettes with light strobes rise from the ground… In totters a stray dog with a rope, out it trots.

The world premiere of Sunshine at Red Stitch near Chapel St is full house for the superb talents of its cast. The bold performances of Ella Caldwell, Phil Hayden, Caroline Lee and George Lingard lend intensity and humour to the sombre albeit playful piece.

The poignant four-crew act exposes distinct lives as monologues, with points of intersection among strangers submerged in angst. Parallel vignettes swell sentiment and expectancy in a production that summons haze, rain and strobe lighting inside the intimacy of a dim lit aura.

Sunshine is an innovative performance that flaunts playwright Tom Holloway’s flair for the fragmented and experimental, and director Kirsten von Bibra’s lust for the spoken and unspoken. Together the creatives deliver a narrative of human frailty, an interplay of parallel stories told with the intensity of solitude inside bustle, with the husk of white noise that speaks.

Mood, setting and the confidence of the performance… this act is not a light escape: it is dense, focused. Without interlude start to finish, Sunshine invites you to ponder life and things that matter, really matter.

Running: Tuesday – Saturday, 8pm / Sunday 6.30pm

Matinees: Saturdays at 3pm

Showing until 5 November, book your ticket now: or 03 9533 8083
Photo by Jodie Hutchinson