Wild Bore: Naked and Spiced

What do you expect of a show with pin up artwork that splays half-clad women baring buttocks on stage? Your perception of fleshy, holey, cracky, getting to the bottom of it and talking out of your ass will never be the same again in this adults-only performance on the potentials of misinterpretation. Pitch together two comedians … Read more

The Realistic Joneses: human and clever

Image of The Realistic Joneses cast

In another mesmeric Australian premier, Red Stitch actors’ theatre presents The Realistic Joneses, a poignant story about two suburban couples flung together as they face a series of life choices, every moment, every day. Tackling a sombre topic with levity, this full length comedy drama leaves you with countless questions about our mortality, our terror … Read more

The comedy of errors

In a postmodern approach to the famed work of ‘The Bard of Avon’, the Melbourne Shakespeare Company presents a contemporary take to The Comedy of Errors. There is much buffoonery in this adaptation, one that engages the audience with its madness, creative use of outdoor space at Siteworks in Brunswick and droll singing by a … Read more

Rules for Living

The most unfestive event of the year! Rules for Living is a performance that breaks every fourth wall, rocks every family value. Tinsel and foil are never more claustrophobic, a place called home never grimmer. Joyous suffering. Merry havoc. In an Australian Premiere by British playwright Sam Holcroft and director Kim Farrant, Rules for Living … Read more


A heightened sense of anticipation. A silent presence on stage: the silhouette of a dancer in a translucent sarong; knee down on the dim lit floor against the backdrop of ebony and ivory decor. A new dancer glides to full view. Dynamic music comes to life as the beacon lights upon another creature. She reads … Read more

The Way Things Work – Simply Wicked

Opening night of The Way Things Work at Chapel off Chapel promises a night by night crowded house for the invigorating talents of its two-man cast. In a powered yet personal appeal Minister Barlow opens the first act: a last ditch effort to sway the Royal Commission on public accountability and a tunnel deal gone awry. … Read more

Air Play: One Spleen-rolling Pantomime

Having goofed about out yonder, New York based couple Christina Gelsone and Seth Bloom arrived in Melbourne and set it aroar. Air Play is a charismatic, family pleasant escapade that tickles you to hiccups. Bring your imagination. Awake thine inner child! Arrive at the most heart-warming conditions even as you guffaw in tears. The show opens with … Read more

Blaque Showgirls

Blaque Showgirls

In a story of reversed racism, Blaque Showgirls is the most politically incorrect thing since Donald Trump! Disarming the audience with a Welcome to Country (that comes along with jest), it then invites the crowd to act as jury on the verdict of white-as-white Ginny Jones’ (Bessie Holland) desire to belong, to embrace her ‘inner … Read more

Alone in a Crowd: Sunshine

L-R Caroline Lee, George Lingard, Phil Hayden, Ella Caldwell

Lights out, four silhouettes with light strobes rise from the ground… In totters a stray dog with a rope, out it trots. The world premiere of Sunshine at Red Stitch near Chapel St is full house for the superb talents of its cast. The bold performances of Ella Caldwell, Phil Hayden, Caroline Lee and George … Read more

The European Night Market

Over the past few weeks on a Friday night, Madame Brussels Lane transforms from a typical Melbourne laneway to a bustling hub of culture, a European night market. Inspired by traditional Christmas markets popular across Europe, the night market showcases specialty food and beverages from all over the continent. Enjoy mulled wine with a German Bratwurst … Read more