FRINGEWORLD 2017 Kicks Off!

Last night on FRINGEWORLD Eve a group of media, sponsors, government and artists gathered at the Pleasure Garden to officially open FRINGEWORLD 2017. This year, it’s bigger than ever – with over 700 shows and still remains the third largest Fringe Festival in the world! (THE WORLD, PEOPLE!)

I was treated to a few sneak peak performances – not gonna lie, I was blown away. If you are unsure of what to see, why not grab a guide and flick to a page randomly, I’m sure there will be something worth seeing.


Barbu performing their Strongman act.

My sneak peak included Barbu – Held in the magnificent Salon Perdu Speigeltent, this Canadian circus act has it all! Men in giant hoops and disco balls, strongmen hearkening back to a bygone era in a Hipster-cool kind of way, the show is hilarious, bold and breathtaking.

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale literally blew our collective minds with his power of suggestion and mind manipulation. Don’t worry, no-one got up on stage and was made to cluck like a chicken…I think. He showed us a few clever little mind tricks and then presented the best finale!

The ever talented folks from Limbo treated us to a tap dance like no other. Their show is a classic, rapidly becoming a FRINGEWORLD favourite with many sold-out shows, and it’s no wonder. The pure talent and mishevious spirit that Limbo brings is an energy that ripples through Perth.


Uta Uber Kool Ja invites you to the afterparty.

This show looks great! Uta Uber is back in Perth after launching her new album and she is as wild as ever. Quaffing champagne and bantering with her assistant, Uta has the grace and wit of Emma Thompson whilst being as sexy as Madonna. She invites you to her hotel room for one hell of an evening…I can’t wait to spend the night with Uta!

So there you have it! Keep your eye on our page as we will be reviewing as many shows as we can and putting out our recommendations and hints and tips to make 2017 the best Festival season yet!

All images are credited to the author.