Air Play: One Spleen-rolling Pantomime

Having goofed about out yonder, New York based couple Christina Gelsone and Seth Bloom arrived in Melbourne and set it aroar. Air Play is a charismatic, family pleasant escapade that tickles you to hiccups.

Bring your imagination. Awake thine inner child! Arrive at the most heart-warming conditions even as you guffaw in tears. The show opens with a melodious Eastern number that radically shifts in bounds and rumbas to something bouncy.  In a witty pantomime reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin’s silent pictures, Gelsone and Bloom do mimetic routines to surreal and then irreverent music.

How sharp the improvisation, it allures the audience. Kites, silk, feathers, balloons, umbrellas and snow cartwheel in the air as the artists map sentiment on stage in a visually delightful performance.

Lookout for twinkles in a space number and one rib cracking, spine bending enter-the-balloon act in a slapstick rigmarole full of light and shade.

The circus-like act marries a gifted use of music and body language to draw attention to play, and no spectator is immune. In a split second, it might be you.

Audience participation is mandatory and nothing is out of bounds. So if shy is your middle name, stick to the rear or mask yourself as a beanbag. If you find yourself handpicked and face to face with your earnest dread, it’s impossible to predict what’s in store for you. In an ultimate gesture of submission, just go with it.

Air Play is a one-hour show for kiddies and grownups alike.

The show is accessible at the State Theatre in the Arts Centre on the cusp of Melbourne’s cbd. Running until 22 January 2017.

Conceived and created by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone
Performed by Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone
Air Sculptures in collaboration with Daniel Wurtzel
Directed by West Hyler


Photo credit: Florence Montmare