FRINGEWORLD 2017 – BANE & BANE 2 (5 stars)

Can I just say “pure genius” and leave it at that? Seriously, the Bane series is the best thing in FRINGEWORLD 2017. Bane and Bane 2 are the brainchild of the fabulous Joe Bone, and performed with aplomb. Set to the gentle atmospheric guitar accompaniment of Ben Roe, Bone tells the story of Bruce Bane – hitman and all-round film noir cliche.

Bane is a one-man movie performed on a bare stage with no props or sound effects. Bone’s delivery is flawless – he builds a whole world, including cars driving past, unlocking doors, poisonous darts flying through the air and a really accurate Johnny Cash impression.

This is physical theatre at its finest – Bone moves in ways never thought possible, his accents are on-point (and when they’re not he pokes fun of himself “I was born in an ambiguous place which is why you will never be able to place my accent”), and he is able to distort his face to really create each character.

Bane introduces the titular character – the hard hitman with a heart of gold and a host of important characters, like the mad scientist friend who has a few serums that “just might come in handy” later in the plot.  It’s cleverly written, a true homage to the genre and genuinely hilarious. Bone cheekily nods to the audience and, at times, acknowledges how lame the jokes are – in all honesty, the cheesier the better for this show. Bone kills off more characters than George R.R. Martin but is way more creative!

Bane 2 takes off where the last one ended, though you don’t need to see the first for it to make sense. Bone is the ultimate storyteller. He takes the sequel to a whole new level, more deaths, more silly plot-lines, bigger monsters, bigger villains (literally), a hilarious neighbour/stalker that actually made me snort while laughing! Plus, a small cameo from a previous character, although blink and you’ll miss it.

Bone is the most accomplished one-man performer I have ever seen. I cannot understate his genius. Go see these shows, you won’t regret it.


When: BANE – 20th – 24th January 2017 | 8:15pm | BANE 2 – 20th – 25th January 2017 | 10:30pm

Where: BANE – Salon Perdu Speigeltent | The Pleasure Garden | BANE 2 – The Shambles | Fringe Central | PERTH


Info: Duration 60 minutes | All Ages (some adult content but kids probably wouldn’t get it.)