FRINGEWORLD 2017 – This Is A Work Of Fiction (4.5 stars)

This Is A Work Of Fiction marks the debut of a very young a creative company from Western Australia, The Ant Hill Kids. Covering the disappearance of Catherine Holloway, a young university student, the discovery of her remains and the subsequent hunt for her killer, these talented actors create an immersive and involving environment.

But this play is more than a CSI’s cold crime case. The storytelling is simple – the actors convey the plot by partly telling and partly showing the story to the public. It is not easy to recreate a crime scene and the subsequent seek for a murderer without the help of more friendly and narratively intense forms as the beloved flashback, or even just a change of scene. The company nails it offering a play of rare beauty and smoothness, dramatic scenes and while the public is trying to figure out what is happening on stage – also a thoughtful reflection on the values of our society and of our ourselves introducing a psychological view that will put your concept of truth and reality to an open discussion. Although the plot could be considered as already seen ever so slightly the overall result is of great creativity and intelligence.

It’s worth mentioning the actor’s performances, with a special reference to the one playing Logan. This fresh debut is something you don’t want to miss during FRINGEWORLD 2017, for its innovative and pop approach, as well for its intensity and drama.


When: 20th – 28th January 2017 | 6:15pm

Where: The Flaming Locomotive | State Theatre Centre WA | PERTH

Tickets: $19 – $23

Info: Duration 60 minutes | WA Artist