FRINGWORLD 2017 – #NoodleNights – Comedy Showcase (3.5 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton.

>#NoodleNights – Comedy Showcase is a great primer to Fringe comedy. It is an eye opener because being from Perth we often do not see many non-local acts, unless we are paying lots of money. >#NoodleNights features three up-and-coming acts doing about 15 minutes, tied together by a rotating compare sliding a couple jokes between acts gives us enough of a sample to watch their full shows. The good thing is that every show has different performers.

For the start of this show MC Simon Taylor introduces himself as a proud Melbournian and being of middle class he can mock both bogan and posh Australian accents. This is highlighted when he does a scale of Australian accent understandability.  Taylor does impressions very well but is quick in getting out of character and dealing with a heckler. The audience appears very warmed with laughter for the first act, bubbly Claire Sullivan.

Sullivan is a quirky, young Victorian, with bundles of energy. She brings a book about dogs and hits the crowd hard with surreal wit and a strong persona. Next, Nick O’Connell enters looking a bit sheepish, surprising considering he is dressed like a (stereotypical) confident young man. His angle is insecurity about looking younger than his actual age of 25. Then finally, the last act is a bearedy bespectacled Matt Stewart, who owns the night with deadpan gem one liners done so tightly he holds he audience in the palm of his hands for his whole set.

This mixture of acts is random but are all doing shows at FRINGEWORLD 2017, Noodle Palace.  If you are not sure what you find funny go to this show because this will tell you. >#NoodleNights – Comedy Showcase is an awesome way to end your night out.

When: 20th January – 18th February | Friday and Saturday nights | 10:30pm

Where: Soba Stadium | Noodle Palace | Fringe Central

Tickets: From $21

Info: Duration 60 minutes | Rotating line-up | May not be child friendly