FRINGEWORLD – Her Crown (3.5 stars)

Review by Amanda Lancaster.

Upon entering the  piece, Her Crown, we are greeted with  a  setting  of  what appears  to  be  little  more  than  a   stage  piled  high  with  mattresses, randomly   strewn  with  bed  sheets.  It  doesn’t  take  long  however  for  these simple  elements  of  the  everyday  to  become  beautifully   flowing  elements  of  an  ever-­‐changing  dreamscape   in the  hands  of  the  talented  dancers.

Starting   out  with  what  seems  like  an   almost  nervous  awkward  look  to  its  execution,  one  might  be  forgiven for  thinking  this  was  not  on  purpose,  but  as  we  continue  to  watch  the   dancers  we  see  the  movements  of each  become  much  more  fluid,  bold  and  self  assured. The  dancers  each  take  on  the  different  aspects  of the emotional  beauty  and  sadness  found  within  our  inner  psyches – demonstrating  physically  the  ways  in  which we  all  seek  to   understand,  relate to and  express  each  of  these  powerful  and  indeed,  overpowering  internal   emotions.

How  do  we  show  hurt?  How  do  we  comfort  and  protect  ourselves?  How  do  we    separate  the   harshness  of reality  from  the  false  comforts  of  our  inner  imagination’s   mental  defences? This  gives  the  piece  a  beautiful,  almost  childlike  wonder  in    undertone  and  you  can  soon  see   the  narrative’s    physical  metaphor  being   unwound  before  you  as  if  a  bedtime  story  were   being  read  page  by  page.  It allows  us  to  follow the physically  demonstrated  examples.

A  physical  theatre  experience  using  movement  and  dance  to  elegantly  weave    its  tale,  Her  Crown  takes  the audience  on  a  journey  through   both  the  strengths  and  sensitivities  we  all   have  trapped  within  ourselves.


When: 20th – 28th January 2017 | 7:45pm

Where: The Flaming Locomotive | State Theatre Centre WA | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $16 – $23.50

Info: Duration 45 minutes | WA Artist | Suitable 15+