FRINGEWORLD 2017 – BARBU (4 stars)

Review by Amanda Lancaster

Is there anyone who didn’t want to at some point in their lives just, run away and join the circus? Remember the excitement and nervous energy as you looked around at what could only be described as magic? The powerful sway it held over the senses and imagination, bringing to life that small flicker of silliness and laughter in us all?

Does it make you feel whimsical? Childlike with wonderment?  Remember what the circus was like?

You do?

Good, now forget everything you thought you knew about the ringside folks because this is definitely one big top show, the likes of which you have never encountered before.

Enter a troupe of illustrious beards and the humans attached to them. Scantily clad specimens demonstrating the highest quality in physical machismo, and that’s just the start.

Ceaseless, incredible acts are performed one after the other at a dizzying pace as the audience watches on with bated breath; each incredible feat becomes more daring than the last. Consummate professionals and traditionally trained in the ways of the original fairground style circuses of  times gone by, the Alfonse troupe take all the best,  most  timeless elements of the craft    and reanimate it for a new hard to impress generation of modern audiences.

Performed against a backdrop of huge projection screens featuring  a hypnotic assortment of flickering randomness, the whole performance is woven together with an underlying soundtrack of what can only describe as being electro-folk pop music – prepare for total sensory overload.

Roller-skating, contortion, physical demonstrations of strength and agility, acrobatics, clowning and so very much more are interspersed cleverly with various  other entertainment mediums to create an eclectic and charming overall absurdity .

Cheeky, jocular risqué and unconventional The Cirque Alfonse’s are unquestionably the venerated hit of the Fringe circus acts. So come one, come all and vicariously live out your fantasies with this latest bizarre revue, all while remaining safely in your seats.


When: 20th January – 3rd February 2017 | 6:30pm & 10:00pm

Where: Salon Perdu Speigeltent | The Pleasure Garden | PERTH

Tickets: $41 – $50.50

Info: Duration 70 minutes | Suitable 15+