MICF interview with Nadine Sparks


Image courtesy of Nadine Sparks

Read to find out why you should see Nadine’s show ‘Teacher’…

The Australia Times (TAT): When did you start comedy?

Nadine Sparks (NS): Five years ago

TAT: Where was your first gig and how did it go?

NS: I did a stand-up course. I developed a tight five then performed at The Exford. That place is still close to my heart. That gig went really well.

TAT: Why do you like comedy?

NS: I love expressing myself, I love talking, and I love making people laugh.

TAT: What are your days like?

NS: I’m a full-time high school drama teacher.

TAT: How do you come up with your material? 

NS: Mostly true stuff, I write a lot but I also love improv. I really love having that space, but as a stand-up comedian you really need to be able to do both- have a tight five as well.

TAT: Who are your favourite comedians?

NS: I love Jen Kirkman- an American comedian, Damien Power, Anne Edmonds, Xavier Michelides. I really love the pajama men, there one of my favourite acts to see at Festivals. I like Amy Schumer, and used to love Joan Rivers.

TAT: How would you describe your comedy style?

NS: Very animated, I like to play a couple of characters, and use physicality. I do character comedy- I’ve done a couple of shows where I play lots of characters.

TAT: “Comedians are damaged people” discuss…

NS: I would say I am yeah- I’m quite sensitive. I sometimes wish I was someone who could have met someone, had children and moved to the suburbs. But that’s not me at all. I’m hungry for so much. I really like to be out there and doing stuff all the time. I think comedians are damaged but they also have a lot to share. I admire anyone that has the guts to put themselves out there in any art form.

TAT: What’s been a favourite moment on stage?

NS: I really love my own hour, I just love smashing it in front of a big audience, when the whole room is buzzing.

TAT: Do you like audience interaction?

NS: Yes. Only because I’m really inquisitive and I really want to know people

TAT: Do you feel like it’s you on stage or a character?

NS: Both. There’s a character I draw to but she’s all me. She’s the most extended version of me.

TAT: Where do you perform?

NS: I perform about 7-8 times a week. I run a room at The Flying Duck in Prahan, and do a lot of work at Speakeasy HQ.

TAT: Okay, tell us about your show- ‘Teacher’

NS: I’m really excited about it, it’s all about teaching and some fun stories that I want to share. It’s a feel good show for teachers as well, I want them to leave feeling good about themselves.

TAT: Why should people come and see it?

NS: I think it’s a really relatable show. Everyone goes to school but you never really know what the teachers perspective is. I think it’s an interesting concept- how in charge I am of these kids and so much of their life. The stuff I’ve shown of this show so far people have loved. I’m a really friendly performer.

TAT: What’s your favourite object?

NS: A pen


You can see ‘Teacher’…

When: 10th-13th of April & 18th-22nd April

Where: Tasma Terrace

Tickets: $20- $25

Information: Venue has no wheelchair access

Links: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2023/shows/teacher