MICF review of ‘Customer Assassin’ (4 out of 5 stars)

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Image courtesy of Andrew Iles 

Customer Assassin is the debut solo show of Melbourne based comedian, actor and ‘Customer Assassin’- Andrew Iles.

Based on Andrew’s experiences of working in retail plus some impersonations and life observations, the show is very relatable and and entertaining. This is fast paced, high energy stand-up, with every joke landing before a swift move on to the next story. 

Andrew’s skills as an actor make for hilarious and accurate character/voice impersonations. He does: Arnold Schwarzenegger staring in ‘Miki the Movie’ and Matthew McConaughey making any product sound sexy. These theatrical elements compliment and extend from the energetic delivery of well structured and punchy stand-up jokes.

There are some honest truths behind the jokes, mostly from the pain of working in something like customer service that is not anyone’s real dream. The beauty of this concept for a comedy show is that it is relatable and accessible for a wide audience, as almost everyone has experienced this at some point in their lives.

The Mechanics Institute was a great choice of venue for this show, with great acoustics, sight lines, and red curtain backdrop for the theatre space.

If you are looking for high entertainment value for your money, look no further than this show- for three more days only!


You can see Customer Assassin:

When: April 5- April 8

Where: Metanoia Theatre at The Mechanics Institute (270 Sydney Road, Brunswick)

Tickets: $10.30-$20.30

Information: Venue is wheelchair accessible

Links: https://www.facebook.com/events/1810121922538649/