Rockpool Dining Group & Four Pillars Create New Small-batch Gin

Rockpool Dining Group & Four Pillars Collaboration


Rockpool Dining Group bar managers and mixologists have collaborated with Four Pillars Distillery to craft a limited-edition Maker Session Gin, which is exclusively available on the drink menus at the Group’s premium restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne.

Just 30 bottles of the Four Pillars & Rockpool Maker Session Gin will be dispersed across Rockpool Bar & Grill, Rosetta, Spice Temple and Saké Restaurant & Bars in both cities, as well as Jade Temple and The Cut Bar & Grill in Sydney.

Crafted at the boutique distillery in the Yarra Valley the small-batch gin has fresh green, herbaceous mint and delicate spice notes. Botanicals include juniper, macadamia, wattleseed, lemon myrtle, peppermint gum, cinnamon myrtle, Tasmanian pepperberry, coriander seed, lime peel, mandarin peel and fresh cumquat, galangal and Vietnamese mint.

The Four Pillars & Rockpool Maker Session Gin is the fruits of the labour of Rockpool Dining Group National Bar Manager Ryan Gavin, Spice Temple Melbourne Bartender Joe-Wing Chiu Chan, and Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney Bar Supervisor Matt Langdon and Bartender Andrea Zafarana, under the guidance of Four Pillars Master Distiller Cameron Mackenzie.

Joe, Matt and Andrea were the winners of a Rockpool Dining Group internal bartender cocktail competition, which required entrants to create their own cocktail using as the base an earlier Four Pillars and Rockpool collaborative gin: Four Pillars Bartenders Series Modern Australian Gin. Entrants also had to create a dream botanical list for their own small batch gin.

The winners scored a well-deserved trip to Four Pillars Distillery in July 2017 to create the new gin. Their winning cocktails are also available on selected cocktail lists.

Ryan Gavin said the collaborative experience of making a small batch gin was a rewarding experience, as well a fantastic professional development boost for each participant.

“Drawing on the knowledge and experience of Joe-Wing, Matt and Andrea, and under the guidance of Cameron, we’ve put a fresh spin on botanicals and come up with something quite extraordinary,” he said.

“We are fortunate to have amazing, creative talent behind our bars across the country and it was a very inspiring to tap into this depth of skill and understanding in crafting this gin, while at the same time rewarding those bartenders with such an incredible experience.”

Ryan said he preferred to serve the new Four Pillars & Rockpool gin in a gin and tonic with a large lemon peel garnish, or in a citrus-forward cocktail.

“My cocktail preference for this gin is a 20th Century, which is made with equal parts gin, lemon juice, creme de cacao and Lillet Blanc,” he said.

Information & Image Courtesy of Rockpool Dining Group – Rachel Lebihan


Connie Lambeth – The Australia Times News

Editor GOURMET – Food/Wine/Events




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