2 Recipes from Edenvale for Rosé Mocktails – National Rosé Day – Saturday 9 June

Summer rooftop parties and sunset dinners might be a thing of the past, but just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean you have to put the rosé away. In fact, there is no better time to celebrate a lovely rosé then this Saturday the 9th June in celebration of National Rosé Day.

To celebrate such a fabulous day in wine, Edenvale wine, the experts in the field of alcohol reduction and removal would love to share a recipe so everyone can enjoy this event.

Edenvale’s Rosé or sparkling Rosé is perfect for pregnant women, those abstaining from alcohol for various reasons, and health-conscious who still want to enjoy the social aspect of having a drink – without having a drink.

All day Rosé Mocktail.


    100ml Edenvale sparkling rosé or Edenvale rosé

    10-30ml rosewater, to taste

    Dash of lime juice

    Un-scented Rose petal to garnish


Step 1: Chill a small wine glass in the fridge for an hour.

Step 2: Pour the wine and lime juice into the glass, adding the rosewater gradually until you have the desired strength.

Step 3: Garnish with a rose petal and serve.


Rose Berry Bliss

    1 bottle of Edenvale Rosé

    250 g frozen blueberries

    1-litre pink lemonade

    1-litre lemon-lime soda


Step 1: Pour a bottle of Edenvale Rosé into a large jug.

Step 2: Add 200frozen blueberries and pink lemonade

Step 3:Place in fridge for 1 hour

Step 4: Pour into flutes and top up with lemon-lime soda and a few blueberries and serve.

**Information & Recipes Courtesy of Edenvale/Evil Twin PR


Connie Lambeth

The Australia Times News

Editor GOURMET – Food/Wine/Events



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