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Shiloh – Melbourne

Review by Celeste Iuliano

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If you’re on social media, you’ll know that hummus is having a big moment right now. For many, this creamy chickpea, dream dip is the gateway to experiencing the colourful flavours of Israeli cuisine. With such a reputation, it’s no surprise that this spread featured heavily on the menu at Shiloh restaurant’s opening night.

Located on Caulfield’s busy Kooyong Road, Shiloh is serving up Israeli cuisine with a modern twist. Restaurateur Assaf Ben David and business partner Gabi Yitshaki, have responded to a gap in the market for a kosher restaurant specialising in fine dining, but you definitely don’t have to eat kosher to appreciate the dishes on offer.



Matthew Butcher (R)
Matthew Butcher (R)

Renowned chef Matthew Butcher (ex Morris Jones) is at the helm in the kitchen, putting his spin on comforting classics. Take our beloved hummus for example, which is outstanding served in flaky filo cigars, and given a smokey tang with paprika and black olive ash or paired with charred baby peppers, tahini, and green oil.



But of course hummus isn’t the only star of such a varied cuisine. The Baba ganoush puffs proved a fast favourite – light as air and filled with moreish eggplant dip, they disappeared almost as quickly as they were brought out. The lamb kofta pops are also a ‘must try’.  Glazed with honey and topped with crispy, puffed wild rice, they offer a surprisingly good combination of flavours.


The Shilo team (Matthew Butcher centre)
The Shilo team
(Matthew Butcher centre)

If you’re after something a little bigger, Shiloh also serves up plates to share. From Chickpea Spaetzle to Harissa Spiced Poussin, there’s a wealth of inventive dishes showcasing Middle Eastern ingredients. Because this is a kosher restaurant, it goes without saying that there is a wide selection of kosher wines to pair with your meal. For those thirsting after something with a bit of a kick, try the signature cocktail, a refreshing mix of gin and cucumber with a zesty zataar rim.


A sneak peek at the menu assures us that sweet lovers will be enticed by a selection of tempting desserts including Spiced Pear, olive oil & almond meringue bowl and a Pistachio Cake with orange blossom.

While Shiloh is a large restaurant, it has an intimate atmosphere that lends itself easily to long, relaxed dinners with family and friends. As winter begins to settle in the city, nothing could sound more comforting.




67 Kooyong Road

Caulfield Melbourne Vic

Phone: 03 8592 4912


*Celeste was a guest of Helen Reizer HRPR/additional images Thomas Bindley & Celeste Iuliano

Photo credit: Thomas Bindley
Photo credit:
Thomas Bindley
Photo credit: Celeste Iuliano
Photo credit:
Celeste Iuliano







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