TRUFFLES WITH ME – ST. ALi x Mercedes Me

TRUFFLE DINNERS – Saturday June 23 and Tuesday July 10 – MELBOURNE

In celebration of the return of Australia’s truffle season, ST ALi and Mercedes Me will host ‘Truffles with me’, a unique six-course dinner designed to highlight the wonderful complexity of this seasonal ingredient.

Crafted by St Ali x Mercedes Me Head Chef, Garry Dick, the menu will give diners the chance to experience the distinct flavour and texture of Mother Nature’s black gold.

The event will run on Saturday June 23 and Tuesday July 10 at Mercedes Me.

Simon Johnson, the general manager of Mercedes Me, says diners can expect a superb night. “ST. ALi has been running truffle dinners like this for years, and their experience is what sets this event apart as one to attend for truffle lovers and newcomers alike.”

Highlights of the truffle tasting menu include dishes such as duck and truffle consume, salmon and truffle roulade and snow crab and truffle carbonara. Dessert will feature decadent sugar baked parsnip ice cream and warm truffle chocolate mousse.

Head Chef Gary Dick sources truffles from the award-winning producer Stonebarn Truffles. Located near Manjimup, just 300km south of Perth, Stonebarn Truffles are renowned for producing truffles with exceptional quality, taste and aroma.

In honour of their hard work over the season, there will be two special guests in attendance at the first dinner: Two Australian Shepherd ‘truffle dogs’, who have been specially trained to identify and unearth ripe truffles. “They are probably the hardest-working truffle dogs in Victoria,” says Nigel Wood, founder of the annual Truffle Melbourne Festival. “In Victoria, we are probably going to find a tonne of truffles this year, so these dogs are probably going to find half of that.”

In recent years, Australia has become one of the most prolific producers of black truffles in the world. Nigel says that the sudden popularity of the truffle is due to the fact that “it’s seasonal, it’s rare, it’s unusual, it only comes around once a year. “I think Australian chefs are some of the best with truffles. Unlike the French or Italians, where there are centuries of tradition that have also produced a whole lot of rules, Australian chefs are much more creative with the truffle.


Pain perdu, honey butter, truffle salt

Duck and truffle consume, smouldered thyme

Truffle Tasting Menu

Salmon and truffle roulade, peated whisky dashi, sea herbs

Snow crab and truffle ‘carbonara’

Quail, smoked corn, celeriac, black truffle oil

Sugar baked parsnip ice cream, warm truffled chocolate mousse

During the Truffle Melbourne Festival, visitors to Mercedes Me will also have the chance to add Stonebarn truffles to the braised wild mushrooms dish currently on the refreshed seasonal menu.

Tickets: $94 or $159 for matched wines + booking fee

**Information & Images Courtesy of ST. ALi & Mercedes Me/Zilla & Brook – Fiona Brook


Connie Lambeth

The Australia Times News

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