Escape the cold with new Talk & Taste Sessions at Pilgrim Bar

Due to popular demand, Pilgrim Bar’s highly sought-after Talk & Taste sessions have now increased from not only just 1 but now 4 monthly sessions this winter. Not to be missed, series #2, kicks off with Queensland’s Mt Uncle on Thursday, July 12.

Talk & Taste is a series of intimate and informative sessions where guests embark on a journey of discovery with local food and drink producers, at an absolute steal of a price. A great supporter of creativity and Australian talent, Pilgrim welcomes Mark Watkinsfounder of Mt. Uncle, North Queensland’s first and only distillery. Mark will discuss the various ingredients and fruits sourced from the Mt Uncle farm and the emphasis on using as many local and national Australian ingredients as possible.


Founded in 2001, and perfected over the years, Mt. Uncle has been awarded Australian Distillery of the year 2016 and 2017, with their high quality spirits including the Botanic Australis range of gins, Iridium Gold rum and TBBC Whiskey.


· Anjea Vodka, burnt honey and thyme – Camembert tart

· Botanic Australis 3 Gin’s Classic, Navy Strength, Bush Fire Smoked
Lemon myrtle and salmon mousse profiterole

· Iridium Gold Rum – Maple candied pork toastie with malt onion and Heidi Tilsit cheese

· Big Black Cock Whiskey

· Sexy Cat Marshmallow Liqueur – Goats milk Pana Cotta with caramel popped sorghum

Mt Uncle, Talk & Taste, Thursday 12 July 2018 at 6pm & 8pm, $30 per person

Pilgrim Bar, Federation Wharf,


Pilgrim will also host a Bass & Flinders, Talk & Taste on Thursday 19 July. Founded in 2009 on the Mornington Peninsula, Bass & Flinders, are an artisanal distillery which produces grape spirit using a traditional Alembic Pot Still to create a range of world‐class distillations including award winning gins, vodka, limoncello, eau de vie and the outstanding Ochre, a five-year aged brandy.


· Gin & Tonic – Toastie, with lemon myrtle chevre and pickled fennel

· Tasting of the Bass & Flinders range:
– Soft & Smooth Gin
– Gin 10
– Monsoon Gin
– Cerise Gin
– Limited winter products

· Gin 10 Cocktail, Gin 10 Wild & Spicy, fino sherry & sweet vermouth
Duck Pie with mandarin orange relish

· Monsoon Gin Cocktail, Monsoon gin, ginger beer & lemongrass
Lemongrass and lime curd tart, candied ginger

Bass & Flinders, Talk & Taste, Thursday 19 July 2018 at 6pm & 8pm, $30 per person
Pilgrim Bar, Federation Wharf,

 **Information and Images Courtesy of Pilgrim Bar/Supplied by Zilla & Brook – Claire Raimondo