ST. ALi Launches Speciality Coffee Capsules


ST. ALi Launches Specialty Coffee Capsules

“Convenience is back in vogue,” says ST. ALi founder, Salvatore Malatesta.

A pioneer in the Australian specialty coffee scene, ST. ALi introduces Nespressso compatible coffee capsules, giving caffeine enthusiasts the opportunity to stock up on their favourite brews and enjoy them from the comfort of their own home.


“That said, any compromises for convenience needs to be small. Firstly, the quality compromise has to be small. The ecological impact also has to be small. So, what we’ve been able to achieve here is to roast delicious specialty coffee in small batches and get that coffee into recyclable and in the near future, biodegradable coffee pods. This ticks all the boxes.”

The new coffee capsules are recyclable and currently come in three different variations:

Orthrodox: ST. ALi’s most popular blend bursting with butterscotch, hazelnut and dark chocolate, a third wave twist on the classic Italian espresso blend.

Single Origin: juicy, red grape and milk chocolate. The elegant and snappy personality of this coffee is a true crowd pleaser.

Decaf: a buttery, honey and dark chocolate blend made from the finest coffee in Latin America.

The capsules are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water processing methods to ensure a delicious, chemical-free brew without the buzz.

ST. ALi is dedicated to finding new ways of preparing coffee and bettering the way they grow, grind, serve, and provide.

ST. ALi is a creative studio developing more than coffee concepts. The brand is always pushing borders and questioning boundaries, so stay tuned for new announcements including ST. ALi own clothing label.

The ST. ALi. coffee capsules are available online and in ST. ALi and Sensory Lab locations.

10 capsule boxes are $45 with free shipping on all orders Australia wide.

**Information & Photo Courtesy of ST. ALi/Zilla & Brook – Fiona Brook

Connie Lambeth

The Australia Times News

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