Keeping safe on the roads this summer

Travelling in the car these holidays? What should you pack to keep the family safe?

In the first of our series of summer first aid tips, Red Cross first aid trainer, Anthony Cameron says family safety comes first.

“Does anyone have a medical condition or allergy? “Don’t forget their medication” says Anthony.

Is there a first aid kit in the car? Every car should have a first aid kit on hand especially if you are going off the beaten track.

In the event of a road accident, the first few minutes could prove vital for anyone who has been injured.

Blurred vision or altered pupils , loss of consciousness, headache, confusion, memory loss , dizziness or nausea could all be signs of a head injury. If any of these symptoms are present call 000.

If an injured person starts to become drowsy or vomits, then move them into the recovery position and continue to observe them while you wait for the emergency services to arrive.

“With all head injuries presume spinal injuries and move them on a ‘need to’ basis” says Anthony. “Always make sure the person’s airway is clear and they are breathing normally.”

To purchase a Red Cross first aid kit, or to book a first aid training course go online to or call 1300 367 428.

The next instalment in our summer first aid series covers burns and stings.