A Guide to Berlin by Gail Jones

‘The death of any human was without metaphor or likeness … It was not a writerly event. It was not contained within sentences.’ A Guide to Berlin is Gail Jones’s first novel in five years. Written in her rhythmical, evocative style, the book follows the interactions of six travellers from the corners of the globe who meet in Berlin to share their stories and their passion for the work of Vladimir Nabokov.

A sudden act of violence then shatters the group and each member is affected in profound ways, the direction of their lives irrevocably changed. A Guide to Berlin is a fascinating, luminous study of human behaviour, set against the backdrop of an unforgettable city. It will delight all those who loved Five Bells, as well as readers who are coming to Gail’s work for the first time.
A Guide to Berlin by Gail Jones
Gail Jones is the author of two short-story collections and the novels Black Mirror, Sixty Lights, Dreams of Speaking, Sorry and Five Bells. Three times shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award, her prizes include the WA Premier’s Award for Fiction, the Nita B. Kibble Award, the Steele Rudd Award, the Age Book of the Year Award, the Adelaide Festival Award for Fiction and the ALS Gold Medal. She has also been shortlisted for international awards, including the IMPAC and the Prix Femina. Her fiction has been translated into thirteen languages.