FRINGEWORLD: We May Have to Choose (5 stars)

Making its FRINGEWORLD debut in Perth, We May Have to Choose is so much more than a monologue. It’s a journey through Emma Hall‘s ideas and thoughts, part soap-box, part free-form verbal journal – all poignant.

“It’s … a list of declarations about the universe. 621 opinions delivered in 45 minutes in a dying world.” It’s clever and insightful, like being on a roller-coaster of ideas and emotions. One statement will make you think deeply about life, the next will make you laugh. One opinion will make you reflect on the state of the world, the next will mist your eyes.

Walking into the new venue, The Shambles, an intimate rooftop sanctuary with its own little bar (for future reference,) the white photographer’s backdrop stands in stark comparison to the 19th century carnival atmosphere of the tent. Hall enters, confident in a black ensemble, and stands kindly in front of the audience, eyes glittering.  She holds up signs with a greeting and instructions, a la Bob Dylan.

Hall’s mother’s friend described the show as ‘needing two beers to get through,’ and Hall has you covered on that front. After a few giggles, Hall adopts a power-stance and stares defiantly at the crowd. She starts by giving her bold opinion on several topics. What follows are affirmations and deep thoughts regarding life, death, homelessness, appropriation, diets, body image, love, laughter, kale, people, public transport, germs, the universe, jobs, population control…actually a little bit of everything.

Hall is strong and utterly charming. Her no-nonsense approach is softened with just enough vulnerability to give her opinions conviction. There is fire in her eyes and in her belly as she reflects on the world. This show will leave your head reeling. You just may have to choose your favourite statement.

When: 23rd – 26th January (9:30pm)

Where: The Shambles, Perth Cultural Centre (next to the State Library)

Tickets: $23 standard (Keep your eye out for $10 rush tickets)

Info: Duration – 45 minutes, appropriate 15+