FRINGEWORLD: Sami Shah – Islamofarcist (4.5 stars)

Review by Kieran Eaton

Sami Shah: Islamofarcist is refreshing topical comedy done close to perfection. The show deals with the idea that Western media does not know how to deal with Islamic terrorism. Sami Shah is a well-travelled expat Pakistani comic who explores his existential journey in becoming an apostate to Islam.

Shah has a growing reputation as a comedian, with a guest appearance on QI and also as an author of a novel about his time in Australia. This has meant his show has a larger mainstream audience, and Shah revels in this! He uses his warm personality to break down cultural prejudices and does not take himself too seriously. He is a well-educated man – as he studied journalism in his native country before become a professional comedian. Shah’s intellect combined with cleverly chosen visual aids makes all his concepts easy to understand.

This performance displays Shah’s strong understanding of Islam. It makes sense, seeing as he was born into a devout Islamic family. They being from the small group of Muslims, in the Shiite sect. This can be broken down even further, which he does and describes how as a child he did not question his faith. It was not until teasing from his Sunni classmates did he see the darker side.

What is exceptional about this comedy show is Shah’s ability to present a serious topic in a light manner. He is very likeable on stage, highlighted by his ability to get an audience member to read facts about Islam that can only be said by a white male! Sami Shah: Islamofarcist is a wonderful theme based comedy show for those who want to think about the world they live in.

When: 3- 13 February 2016 (6:40pm)

Where: Soba Stadium, Noodle Palace, PERTH

Tickets: $25

Info: 50 minutes, 18 + recommendation