Indian sports hackathon to develop Aussie training app

Victoria University will take part in SportsHack – India’s first sports innovation hackathon – which will bring together the best and brightest tech experts to develop a mobile app for sports training.

Professor Hans Westerbeek, Dean of the College of Sport and Exercise Science and the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL), will be at the hackathon in Mumbai between 26 and 28 February.SportsHack will lead to the development of a mobile app that will provide specific information, based on historical training load data, on how much a person should train – in the future – to maximise performance and minimise injury risk.

A total of 46 teams will each present ideas at the end of the two-day event.

Dr Camilla Brockett, an ISEAL Senior Fellow in Sports Partnership, said Victoria University and the Australian Institute of Sport had identified several pilot research projects needing software refinement to make the technology accessible to the Australian sports market.

She said ISEAL had joined forces with the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport to support technology start-up initiatives with a sport technology focus.

“A key role for ISEAL is to provide sport expertise and mentoring support for the set-up of sport technology business incubators, as well as identifying potential future innovations from the plethora of ISEAL research projects that can be ‘incubated or accelerated’ with an Indian start up,” she said.

“This event has attracted a huge network of tech experts and young entrepreneurs who will come up with a prototype and present it to the judging panel.”

Zone Startups India in conjunction with the Australian Trade Commission will coordinate the event.

“It is expected there will be eight to 10 prototypes and from here ISEAL and the AIS will decide if and how to engage with SportsHack’s top performing teams,” Dr Brockett said.

Working with technology business incubators in India is an extension of ISEAL’s successful ongoing collaborations with the country.

“With a growing science and technology industry that fosters entrepreneurship, India is keen to promote knowledge-driven and technology-intensive enterprises and sport is an excellent platform to achieve this,” Dr Brockett said.

“ISEAL has demonstrated its international sporting expertise through existing collaborations in India and has much to contribute to this initiative, but we also stand to gain considerable insight into the development of sport technology business enterprises.

“This has potential to benefit Victoria University, Australian sport business and the wider sporting community that will use this technology.”

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