FRINGEWORLD 2017 – Drunk Girl (5 stars)

Review by Amanda Lancaster.

You  all  know  it, whether  having  fallen  powerless  prey  to  it,  or  wielding  it  like  liquid  courage.   The  age-old  scapegoat,  common  catalyst  for  all  ill-conceived  acts,  words  and  missteps  of   both  youth  and  adulthood  alike.

The  drunk  alibi.

Award  nominated  (and  for  good  reason,)  Drunk  girl   is  a  cleverly  curated  thesis  demonstrating  the  differing stereotypes  and  standards  society  holds  in  regards  to  today’s   drunk  culture,  and  in  particular  the contradictory  female  roles  within  it. Thea  Fitz  James  is  effortlessly  witty  and  engaging,  a  seamless entertainer,  instantly  attention   grabbing  she  has  the  audience  eating  out  of  the  palm  of  her  hand  the  whole way  through.

Taking  a  hard  hitting,   controversial,  and  ongoing  issue  of  great  concern  that  most    would   rather  not   think  about  let  alone  be  forced  to  face  for  an  hour,  she  instead  manages  to  carefully – and  with  just  enough humour –  illuminate  for  us  the    varying    facets  of  the  subject’s   importance.  Watching  our  star  seamlessly demonstrate  the  dual  roles  that  most  of  us  can  so  readily   associate  with,  she    gives  the  performance  a honesty  you  cant  help  but  pay  attention  to.

From  bubbly,  zealous,  bring  on  the  drinking  games  of  youth  to  that  of  grown  up,  am  I   really  sure  of  my self    womanhood  the  show    progresses  through  the  varying  degrees  of   drunkenness  and  its  ensuing outcomes.   Get  ready  to   explore  the  world  of  alcohol  in  a    powerful    vs  powerless  performance     experiment  in    consequences  and  all   that  can  come  with  contemporary  society’s  drinking   rituals  and  the realisation  of  your  own  inadvertently  socially  lubricated  selves.


When: 20th – 25th January 2017 | 9:00pm

Where: The Blue Room Theatre | Fringe Central | PERTH

Tickets: $23 – $26

Info: Duration 55 minutes | Mild rating | Recommended 15+