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In an effort to diversify and appeal to the local community, Chefs Gallery have recently rebranded their Hurstville restaurant and relaunched as Chefs Gallery Classic. The new concept restaurant sees the masters of contemporary Chinese cuisine refocus the offering to present a new menu of traditional Southern Chinese cuisine.

Having launched in 2010, Chefs Gallery’s unique Pan-Asian cuisine with a modern twist has become an iconic dining experience in Sydney. The newest venture, Chefs Gallery Classic, reflects an appreciation of tradition through encapsulating long-loved culinary traditions from the Sichuan and Hunan provinces in Southern China. The new menu presents a mix of fiery, aromatic, warming and fresh flavours and textures.

“Each new menu item is a study in the restrained yin and yang of Chinese cuisine” says Chefs Gallery Founder, Kaisern Ching. “The menu is made up of tried and true favourites from the flagship Chefs Gallery restaurants, coupled with an exclusive array of affordable meals from our ‘Classic’ range.”

Take a look at some of the new items on offer:

Small dishes

Bean jelly noodles presented with a Sichuan-style chili sauce sprinkled with sesame, chives and finely crushed peanuts ($6.90). An array of braised delights are another favourite new to the menu and may be ordered as a sampling platter or individually. All are lightly fried and slowly stewed in traditional Chinese pickling broth before being topped with finely crushed chilli powder and chives. These include: thinly sliced pig ears ($5.90); richly cooked chicken gizzards ($5.90); flavoursome duck wings ($5.90), saucy pig trotters ($5.90); and fine sheets of beef tripe. All dishes may be purchased on a platter for ($20.90).


Deepening the rich variety of the menu, Chefs Gallery have introduced some mouth-watering seafood dishes including: Steamed fish fillet dressed in a hot, spicy pickled chilli and capsicum ($16.90); Grilled Barramundi presented in Sichuan spicy soy bean paste, chilli oil sauce, fresh chilli and chopped chives ($19.90); a delicate crispy soft shell crab with fried shallots, garlic, chopped chillies and desiccated coconut ($23.90); and an additional crab option featuring Wok-fried mud crab cooked with salted egg yolk sauce (market price).  

Hot Pots

It wouldn’t be traditional Southern Chinese menu without a Hot Pot. Chefs are now whipping up a whole range of different hot pot options. The hot pots range includes: a Sichuan-style hot pot with duck blood curd and a spice level fit to your choosing ($12.90); A wok fried chilli dish featuring spicy chicken and cashew nuts ($15.90); a ‘Three cup chicken’ cooked with soya sauce, wine and sesame oil before adding ginger, garlic and basil leaves ($16.90); a spicy Sichuan ‘bobo chicken’ cooked in hot chilli oil sauce served with shredded onion and chives ($18.90); and a crispy fried chicken topped with dried peanuts, chilli pepper, spicy chilli oil and sesame.

Chefs Specials

Some special dishes that liven up the menu include: sautéed spicy Mapo tofu simmering in chilli and pork mince sauce ($13.90); Eggs three way is another new and exciting option featuring silky steamed eggs topped with both salted duck eggs and Chinese century eggs ($11.90); and a final favourite is the lightly battered and friend pork ribs which would not be made without their famous Sichuan-style marinade ($22.90).


There are also two new dessert options: A delicate floral cherry blossom encased in a subtle jelly dome ($3.90); and soft, glutinous rice dumplings with red bean paste centre, rolled in a peanut crumble ($3.90).

Chefs Gallery and Chefs Gallery Classic provide a dining experience like no other; where the artistry of Chinese cuisine and art combine to indulge diners with a mouth-watering, multi-sensory Chinese experience.

With chefs on display crafting hand-made noodles behind the glass walled kitchen, as well as a menu full of artfully created dishes, the experience of dining at Chefs Gallery is one that is unique in its theatre, artistry and taste.

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Information & Images Courtesy of Cardinal Spin/Chefs Gallery

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