Chocolate for  Valentine’s Day!

Creators of the world’s finest Belgian chocolate, Callebaut, have shared some fun reasons on why you should ditch gift shopping and instead buy your significant other some delicious chocolate this Valentine’s Day.

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  • Cocoa was used in early Aztec cultures according to the International Cocoa Organization and was believed to be of divine origin: the cocoa tree being the bridge between earth and heaven. Aztecs would drink from a symbolic cup of chocolate during their marriage ceremony, as well as exchanging cocoa beans. If chocolate was fit for the Gods, it might even been good enough for your significant other this Valentine’s Day (International Cocoa Organization).
  • Dark Chocolate is proven to have many health benefits, including helping to restore flexibility to the arteries, whilst also preventing white blood cells from clogging blood vessels (Science Daily). Basically, you’re helping your partner stay young and healthy by gifting them chocolate this Valentine’s Day.
  • Chocolate makes you happy – science says so, and is one of the reasons it’s been linked with love and Valentine’s Day. According to Science Focus, chocolate contains compounds associated with mood lifting or feel good chemicals in the brain.  Not to mention – it’s delicious and enough of a reason to put anyone in a loving mood, right? (Science Focus)
  • A study from the University of Helsinki correlated chocolate consumption of expectant mums to having babies who were much more active and positively reactive – meaning they smiled and laughed more (New Scientist)
  • Chocolate is responsible for one of time’s greatest savers (or potentially relationship savers) – microwaves. A scientist working in WWII noticed a correlation between his melting chocolate bar and a magnetron. He put the two together and a microwave was born!
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So if you’re looking to treat your loved one to some truly delectable chocolates or even create your very own this Valentine’s Day, head to https://mayers.com.au/cheese-dairy for a little bit of inspiration.

**Information & Images Courtesy of Callebaut/Evil Twin PR

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