Soak Up Japanese Craft Beers At Yokocho – GOOD BEER WEEK MONDAY 14 MAY

Soak up Japanese craft beers with bottomless golden tempura at Yokocho

Good Beer Week 2018, Monday 14 May

Yokocho is taking part in this year’s Good Beer Week program, offering bottomless golden tempura to soak up a series of Japanese craft beers for one night only.

Get comfortable atop the open-air balcony on Monday 14 May; locally sourced seafood dipped in a signature beer-batter will be served as a succulent side-note for every beer sip that takes place on the night.

Crunchy gems of prawns, fish and vegetables will be crisped to perfection as the venue transforms into a Japanese beer garden overlooking the bustle of busy Bourke St. 

For those looking to cleanse the palette post-fry, an assortment of seasonal sushi selected by the chef will also be on standby as an added bonus to the golden tempura feast. 
Translating to ‘alleyway’, Yokocho is injecting a modern Japanese attitude into Good Beer Week, set to be the most culturally diverse and exciting program yet.
Throw back a Kinshachi Red Lager Beer lined with dark-brown miso and Umami, or the Kyoto Matcha IPA, delivering a unique blend of matcha green tea and strong style IPA beer, amongst other lagers and ales available at the venue all year round.

Yokocho proudly shines a light on craft beers straight out of Japan, a country renowned for its meticulous brewing standards and boasting the fourth largest beer market in the world.

Nestled in the walkway of Mid City Arcade, Yokocho provides an escape for city dwellers looking to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Offering a selection of traditional Japanese dishes with a modern take, Yokocho specialises in sushi and sashimi, yakitori and tempura.

Good Beer Week, the biggest beer festival in the southern hemisphere, is an independent and not- for-profit festival which first hit Melbourne in 2011. Since then, the festival has helped put local and international key players in the craft beers scene on the map, with its central aim to promote quality breweries and grow craft beer culture throughout the trade and retail communities.
Yokocho Beer Garden at Good Beer Week 
Monday 14 May 
6pm till 8pm 
$65 per person
101/200 Bourke St, Melbourne

*Information and Images Supplied Courtesy of Yokocho/Zilla & Brook – Leigh-Anne Ramirez

**Photo Credit: Eugene Hyland

Yokocho at 101/200 Bourke St, Melbourne. Picture: Eugene Hyland
Yokocho at 101/200 Bourke St, Melbourne. Picture: Eugene Hyland

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