29th Apartment – Winter Menu Launch

Buffalo mozzarella

Words and Images by Daria Kill-Smith

Feeling like a voyeur crashing a pantomime, I entered St Kilda’s 29th Apartment – a music, food and drink venue located at the beach end of Fitzroy Street. The funky late-night bar – a pastiche of art gallery cum New York City-styled apartment, modelled on the residence of the eccentric 1980’s St Kilda street walker, Katishe, was immediately welcoming; from the broody, subdued lighting, distinctively mismatched furniture, curiously oversized board games, and yes, even a strangely provocative *boudoir – only to be surpassed by the warmth of the greeting received from effervescent host Misty Rose. However the clincher was a steaming glass of spicy, sweet Mulled wine.  Meanwhile the boudoir would have to wait, with the temptation of 29th Apartment’s new Winter Menu yet to experience.

Buffalo mozzarella
Buffalo mozzarella

A spacious yet cosy booth by the window was the perfect vantage for people-watching, ahead of much anticipated tasting plates soon pumping out of the kitchen. First up was a generous slice of silky, cool Buffalo mozzarella atop peppery rocket, dancing with fragrant basil, sweet tomato and tangy balsamic. Delightfully sophisticated. Next came juicy Pear with Rocket and creamy pine nuts, leaving a luscious, buttery mouth-feel. Paper thin Margherita pizza slices completed the tasting – charred, cheesy, crispy. Full of flavour and perfect for a cold winter’s night.

Charred & Cheesy Margherita
Charred & Cheesy Margherita

People came and went, the clatter of giant Jenga tiles and Connect 4 discs occasionally ‘out-louded’ the crowd, but they were no match for the fun of the final event – a Churros Eating Competition!

If the sum of a rich inviting menu and extensively stocked bar isn’t enough of an incentive to visit 29th Apartment during winter and beyond, the decor alone, surely is.

*the boudoir was experienced the following night!

**Daria was a guest of Keti Kezunovic @29thapartment

29th Apartment


29 Fitzroy Street

St Kilda

(03) 8506 0765

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