29th Apartment – Winter Menu Launch

Words and Images by Daria Kill-Smith Feeling like a voyeur crashing a pantomime, I entered St Kilda’s 29th Apartment – a music, food and drink venue located at the beach end of Fitzroy Street. The funky late-night bar – a pastiche of art gallery cum New York City-styled apartment, modelled on the residence of the … Read more

‘Hump Day’ just got a Whole Lot Better!

MELBOURNE – Review of 29th Apartment’s Launch Party of ‘We Love Wednesdays’

Words by Will Hamilton-Coates

Images Courtesy of Keti Kezunovic @29thapartment

It’s Wednesday and you get to work and tell your friends that it’s “hump day” but you don’t do anything about it. Sometimes Wednesday is just that night you work late, don’t go to the gym, and end up watching the Bachelor with your parents. 29th Apartment is out to fix that!

This quirky cocktail lounge has revived Wednesday nights with last week’s launch of “We Love Wednesdays”. This Bar is already well known for its New York apartment style decor with every room accounted for. There are lounge suites where you can play giant Jenga, a ‘fire escape styled’ balcony where the acoustic two piece band are belting out tasty covers, a bathtub, DJ setup, and a pinball machine.

29th Wednesday's launch (54 of 69)

With so much going on it is hard to know where to start. For just $10 entry you can soak up a Wednesday in comfort and New York’n style, with a first complimentary drink and ‘all you can eat pizzas’.

We turn up and sample a well crafted Spicy Fireball cocktail with whiskey, ginger and cinnamon. It’s hard to choose from the list including the New York Rose, that tastes so bitter, sweet and fruity all combined, and the Buffalo Soldier that’s like a boozy salted caramel milkshake. A variety of hand-stretched, authentic Italian pizzas are handed around by genial staff more than welcome to accommodate ‘the hungries’.


 It’s definitely easy to feel right at home in this lavish bar. Sounds of laughter fill the space when players nobly lunge for that risky Jenga block only to see it topple. There’s a wall with an image of an old school tv, where a projector blasts all your favourite movies, from  Dirty Harry classics, to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind…that mid 80’s sci fi bouncing with quotes like: “I’m exactly where I wanna be”.

Wednesdays should be a little celebration of what’s behind us, what’s to come, and  reasons to just ‘Love Wednesdays”. 29th Apartment has something for every Wednesday mood. Whether your ‘thing’ is to listen to a rocking live act while sipping a tempting cocktail, or getting all competitive over a game of scrabble, 29th Apartment caters for all. 

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**Will Hamilton-Coates was a guest of 29th Apartment and this is an independent account of his experience.

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Words by Keti Kezunovic

As one of the more titillating and culturally underground venues in all of Australia, 29th Apartment, launched “We Love Wednesdays” last week. Over the last 8 years 29th Wednesdays has grown in popularity and built a loyal following among students and backpackers looking for a night of NYC inspired artwork, music, food and drinks. So, 29th Apartment are sharing the love with their customers and introducing “We Love Wednesdays”, which for just $10 entry includes a drink and ‘all you can eat pizzas’ (free slices of their fantastic hand stretched authentic Italian pizzas) between 8 -10pm, accompanied by live music performances.


On the club’s decision to launch their “We love Wednesday’s” Keti Kezunovic said:

“We’ve got a great crowd who love coming to 29th Wednesdays to enjoy our signature handmade pizzas served with a mash up of party anthems and modern house classics… and we just wanted to share the love. With the 11th October launch behind us, we’re looking to build on our already successful format by offering more live music as well as an extra tasty slice of NYC culture. I know that “We Love Wednesdays” will prove to be a huge success and be warmly welcomed by all our customers, old and new alike.”

The Venue

29 Fitzroy St
St Kilda VIC 3182



**The Australia Times Gourmet News had a great night at the launch, as a guest of Keti Kezunovic, (who is also  part of our Melbourne team of writers covering food/wine/events).

Information and Images Courtesy of Keti Kezunovic

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